Podcast: Listen Up, Lewisville! Ep. 3

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/23 8:11A Greyson Kajs, West Main Media
For the final episode of our first season, we catch up with some seniors about their best memories; our staff assembles a list of things to do to make this summer a blast; and our sports experts talk about playoff fever in both the NBA and NHL....

Senior Goodbye: It’s about time

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/23 8:10A AJ Jackson, Editor-in-Chief
Oh god. I don’t know what to say to all of you. You have left me speechless, so I’ll have to deliriously come up with some sweet, inspirational things to say to you. How am I supposed to do that? I...

Senior Goodbye: You’re gonna go far

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/23 7:59A Jade Slaughter, Managing Editor
Life is a revolution of change. Whether it’s good or bad. A lesson I’ve learned is to enjoy every moment like it’s your last. Time isn’t guaranteed, so bask in the mistakes and learn to get back up...

Podcast: Tackling Trends Ep. 2

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/23 6:28A Zain Khan, West Main Media
For this episode, Zain talks about NIL’s impact on the world of college sports. Is it ruining common tradition? Are athletes finally treated fair? All that, and more! Episode 1 Show Notes Producer, Editor, Host: Zain Khan Engineer: Zain Khan Logo...

LHS Top 10 – 1. Kimble Gould

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/23 3:10A AJ Jackson, Staff Writer
SNAPSHOTS Secret talent: Baking Foreign language you’d want to learn: Latin Earliest memory: Being mad at my parents for going to a Taylor Swift concert without me Favorite movie genre: Horror...

Senior Goodbye: You’ll hear my name again somewhere, someday

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/22 5:00A Ruben Plascencia, Staff Writer
Hey folks, it’s time. It’s hard to decide between a witty commentary about my life or a sappy, bittersweet wave goodbye to this stage of it. Is this an occasion for laughs or tears? I’ll shoot blind...

Senior Goodbye: Hasta la próxima

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/22 3:30A Samantha Jose, Staff Writer
Ever since I was little, I dreamed of growing up and going to high school. I thought high school would be a wonderful experience just like in the movies, but reality was very different. High school...

LHS Top 10 – 2. Brianna Sibounheuang

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/22 3:15A Adolfo Martinez, Staff Writer
SNAPSHOTS Favorite karaoke song to sing out loud: “ When I was your man by Bruno Mars What breakfast would you eat for the rest of your life?: Avocado toast with a fried egg on top Where would you...

Column: Verifying 18 years of my life

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/22 3:01A Alexis Alvarado, Staff Writer
When I was a child, I used to beg for a phone. My argument was I would need it for communication and safety. In reality, I wanted to download games like Crossy Road and Subway Surfers. My parents would coldly reply with “You can buy one when you...

LHS Top 10 – 4. Katelyn McIntyre

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/20 6:28A Landon Johnson, Staff Writer
SNAPSHOTS Biggest fear: Not seeing loved ones Guilty pleasure: Social media  iPhone or Android: Android Favorite songs: Wait For Me from Hadestown Vacation in Hawaii or Alaska: Alaska ZOOMING IN Q:...

Senior Goodbye: The end…?

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/17 8:49A Charlie Brown, Staff Writer
This is weird. I never thought I would be in this situation, but I guess I am now. I never thought about dropping out or anything, but I just genuinely could not fathom the idea of graduating. ...

LHS Top 10 – 7. Paige Henry

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/17 8:20A Noah Jeon, Staff Writer
SNAPSHOTS What do you like to do in your free time?: Play piano Favorite TV show: Grey s Anatomy One item you’d bring in a zombie apocalypse: Phone Favorite artist: Taylor Swift Favorite movie: “...

LHS Top 10 – 8. Eleanor Power

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/16 8:01A Samantha Jose, Staff Writer
SNAPSHOTS Role model: My dad Biggest fear: Pitch black darkness Two items you bring to a deserted island: Boat and a book Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate or cookies and cream If you had a time machine what would you use it for?: Go to the...

LHS Top 10 – 9. Sophia Win

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/15 10:52A Jaeda Johnson, Staff Writer
SNAPSHOTS 100 ant-sized lions or 100 lion-sized ants: 100 ant-sized lions Craziest thing you’ve ever done: Snuck out and went on a trip with friends If you’re stranded in the desert, what one thing...

Til the last petal falls

Farmers' Harvest (LHS Student Newspaper) 5/14 8:04A Adolfo Martinez, Staff Writer
The annual rosecutting ceremony takes place Tuesday, May 14 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium, making it the 89 celebration. The tradition is the oldest activity the school has to offer for seniors.  Rosecutting began in 1935 in the old building. The...
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