The Food Experience is an event planning company that provides personal chef services for our planned events. It was established in 2011 by chef and owner Andrea Reed.

My company specializes in planning, hosting and providing food service for networking events that feature and showcase new business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to assist businesses in prompting their products and services while growing their customer base in a unique way. Business owners may showcase their product and services at an events for a fee or request a special event just for their company.

We strive to work with local community based business owners and entrepreneurs that are serious about increasing marketing and branding for their company.

If you would like to become part of our vendor list or schedule an event to showcase your business please send an email to my attention at Newventures710@gmail.com or visit my website for additional information on our services.

Visit my website for information on how to book a special event, utilize our personal chef services and take advantage of our monthly specials.
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