Our mission is to provide hope for students through educational options that promote a free society and cultivate moral and academic excellence.

Founded in 1998, as a non-profit organization, we were granted charters to open 15 dropout recovery and prevention schools. In 1999, our first school year, 50 staff members spread out across the state of Texas welcomed over 700 students, 65 of which graduated that year. At that time, our “home office” was literally in someone’s home with only a handful of employees.

Over the years, in addition to Premier High Schools, our dropout recovery and prevention schools, we have developed a line of classical academies, STEM, and early college high schools, as well as several virtual school options, all with the intention of offering students and parents the choices that help them fulfill their dreams.

Today, after twenty years in operation, we serve more than 20,000 students on more than 70 campuses across Texas and Arkansas through five distinct educational models. Our 2,300 team members remain dedicated to a highly focused moral and civics education mission to provide hope for all children.
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