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Metrocrest Hospital Authority Partners with Local Organizations to Create Awareness of Affordable Health Care Services Available in the Community

Metrocrest Hospital Authority (MHA) has partnered with PediPlace, Woven Health Clinic and the Carrollton Fire Rescue to disseminate flyers providing information on low-cost health care services available in Carrollton and surrounding areas. The flyers are being distributed by the Carrollton Fire Department to residents without a medical home for routine primary healthcare.

“Many of the calls for emergency medical care can be avoided if the patient has routine medical care from a primary care physician or pediatrician,” said Krista Weinstein, chief operating officer for Metrocrest Hospital Authority. “Our goal is to educate the community on the affordable services available to them through organizations like PediPlace and Woven Health Clinics.”

“The fliers allow our paramedics to provide critical health care information in written form in both English and Spanish to residents,” said Caleb Rosier, City of Carrollton Fire Rescue.  “These partners help us better serve the community’s health care needs.”

The flyers began circulating in July with information about services provided by PediPlace and Woven Health Clinics. PediPlace offers quality, safe, equitable, compassionate, family-centered primary care to children ages new-born to 18 looking for accessible and exceptional health providers.  Woven Health Clinics, located in both Farmers Branch and Carrollton, provides free and low-cost health care services to adults who live in Dallas, Carrollton, Coppell, Addison, and Farmers Branch to those who cannot afford it. The community clinics cover both the uninsured and under-insured, as well as some free healthcare services.

“Our mission is to make healthcare a reality for every kid,” said Larry Robins, president & ceo of PediPlace. “Too often we find that families assume they cannot access quality care if they are uninsured or use Medicaid or CHIP benefits. But they can! We are reaching parents who would otherwise go without care or resort to the ER or costly urgent care facilities. We want families to know they have a medical home with us – a place they can turn to for primary care and answers to their most pressing medical questions.”

“Our clinics are designed to focus on wellness and disease prevention – all of which is accessible and affordable,” said Lisa Rigby, executive director of Woven Health Clinic. “Our patients are our priority. Everyone who comes through our doors is treated with compassion and respect.”

Both PediPlace and Woven Health Clinic offer bilingual services. For more information about Metrocrest Hospital Authority, visit


About MHA

Since its creation in 1975, Metrocrest Hospital Authority has strived to create a quality healthcare environment its service area.

Almost 50 years later, MHA continues to be a catalyst for access to quality healthcare through partnerships that improve the health of the community. MHA believes that health encompasses physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or illness. By managing resources wisely, MHA is able to collaborate and support organizations that provide access to healthcare, prevention, early detection, and treatment programs with evidence-based models and measurable results.

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