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Premier High School – Texarkana (Class of 2017)

Teachers and education staff have the opportunity to make a lasting impression on students and can play a major role in their success. Lakesha Martin, a Premier High School – Texarkana graduate says that her teachers made her feel loved and motivated.

“Campus Director Ms. McNeill and Administrative Assistant Ms. Webb pushed me to finish high school and help me get ready for college,” says Martin.

Martin first heard about Premier High School on a television commercial when she was 21 years old and she decided it was the perfect time to make good on a promise she made her family. “I made a promise to my uncle and daddy that I would go back to school and make a better person out of myself,” says Martin. “l want to make sure that when I have kids they will not want for anything in the life they would have to grow up in.”

Although she was the oldest student on campus at the time, she worked hard to stay on track for graduation. Martin says that she struggled for motivation in the morning to get to school, but the staff would call to check on her and help keep her accountable.

Premier High School is designed for credit recovery and early graduation for students who thrive in smaller, independent learning environments who may feel underserved at traditional public high schools. Martin says that this model helped keep her focused on the task at hand and gave her the opportunity to stay after school for tutoring.

Martin is inspired by the saying, ‘Never quit when times get tough — just embrace your struggles.’ Her advice to current high school students is, “No matter how hard it gets, you can finish. Even if it takes longer to complete your work.”

Martin is now proudly pursuing a career in nursing and behavioral science at Texarkana College.

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