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senior-financialsTime marches on and so do we. Before we know it, we are older and so are our parents or loved ones. Caring for them and being sure their needs are met become a prime concern especially when they begin to not be able to care for themselves as they used to. This dilemma touches most every family. The thing to avoid is to remain under a veil of ignorance by not understanding your options and waiting until the last minute to make an abrupt and often uniformed decision. Care for the elderly is of utmost importance. This will be addressed in a comparison between adult day care, assisted living, and nursing home care.

Adult day care has the shortest care periods and usually lasts up to 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. People with Alzheimer's, the feeble, the physically handicapped, those infected with HIV/AIDS, people with declining brain function and the hearing and visually impaired are included in this type of care. It serves as respite for busy caregivers and offers social and recreational activities, meals, therapy, health and social services. Usually there is an assessment made of the needs of each person before they enter the program. It is also important to find out how physically able they are because adult day care does provide rehabilitative services and personal care. One of its greatest advantages is that it helps people remain independent and be able to live with loved ones as long as they can plus it gives caregivers the break they often need.

Funding can come through Medicaid if the person qualifies, need-based scholarships, some medical insurance, long-term care insurance or tax credits for dependent care. Medicare doesn't cover adult day care. Usually centers are non-profit (80% of them) and charge anywhere from $25-$75 a day. This will vary according to location. Transportation is also provided. There are full-time nursing services and these places are licensed by the state.

The next step up in care, if the elderly are not living with friends or family, is assisted living. It is for seniors who are somewhat independent and who need more care than a retirement community has available. The focus is on allowing for individual residents' independence, need for privacy, choice, and safety. The services offered are personal (bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting, and eating), health care (which also involves management of medications), social and physical activities, 24-hour supervision, education, laundry, linen, housekeeping, unit maintenance, shopping, meal preparation, money management and transportation. A person can occupy a furnished or unfurnished studio or 1-bedroom unit with a bathroom. Some places have a shared bathroom. Also some units may have kitchenettes or even a full kitchen.

A potential resident is assessed according to physical and cognitive abilities, mental awareness, medical history (including medications being taken) and some personal history to find out if assisted living is a good option. Family members are encouraged to continue being a part of the resident's life and are welcome to attend social activities throughout the year and on holidays. Usually assisted living places have a full-time nurse and trained staff. Meals are eaten in a dining room and assistance is given when needed. Activities are planned throughout the day and residents have the choice to attend or not. Church services are held, some being a specific denomination and there is usually a non-denominational gathering. Assisted care is regulated by the state.

Sources of funding can include personal funds, assistance for families, Social Security, Medicaid, and long-term care insurance. The cost varies, depending on the size of the unit, the services needed and location. It's between $1,000 and $2,000 per month, the average being $1,873. The nursing home is the most intensive in care (along with adult family care homes).

The residents have definite physical needs. They usually have physical or mental disorders or happen to be too feeble and/or unable to move around, bathe or prepare their own meals. Their ADL's (Activities of Daily living) are minimal and low functioning. As a general rule, there will be no recovery or ability to take care of themselves, so assistance is a necessity for most or all ADL's. There are definite medical needs too.

Nurses and nursing aids are available round the clock. Because of the residents' needs, nursing homes are staffed with that in mind. There is full management of medication and it is administered according to a physician's orders. A person can obtain a private room if he/she is paying with private funds. Normally, there are 2 people to a room. Meals are brought to them or residents are taken to the dining area. Besides full assistance, nursing homes offer rehabilitative services, exercise, social activities, laundry, housekeeping, and prepared meals. Families and friends are encouraged to visit.

The cost depends on where the home is and what the surcharge is that is attached for private payers versus Medicare and Medicaid. Approximately 70% of nursing home costs are paid by the state and federal governments. The government pays part or all of the fees for about 85% of the residents. Another funding option is long-term care insurance. The actual cost is somewhere around $114 a day or more and can go well above $2,000 a month. This varies depending on the location and the services required.

In summary, adult day care involves hours of care, while assisted living and nursing homes offer more care progressively. It helps to research all the residential and financial options. AARP is a valuable source, as well as Medicare. There are a wealth of other websites that will help relatives and friends find the right place for their loved ones and the phone book lists companies and people that have a network to draw from. Quality care of our elderly is essential. Oasis Care Homes, LLC is here to support elderly care with love and compassion in a residential home environment. Knowing what can be done is being done, brings a sense of peace of mind.

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* What are Active Adult Communities?

Active Adult Communities are specially designed communities for those who are age 55 and above. They are designed for a lifestyle best suited to their age. These are for couples who have no children living with them anymore. They can enjoy living in this kind of community along with other people in their own age group. Here there are two to three bedroom houses being offered to their community members. These active adult communities feature a lot of facilities and amenities that will cater to their favorite activities. Usually there are golf courses, clubhouses, parks, nature trails, and places where they can enjoy retirement.

* What are Independent Living Communities?

Independent Living Communities, otherwise known as retirement homes, are like condominiums and apartments where seniors and retirees capable of living independently can stay with their peers. Here they can enjoy a lifestyle that is laidback and full of recreation together with other seniors and retirees. This kind of community offers security and the convenience of community living while still being an independent person. There are plenty of activities offered in this type of community that help keep community members fit, alert and comfortable.

* What are Continuing Care Retirement Communities?

Continuing Care Retirement Communities are a kind of community wherein retirees and seniors can obtain three different levels of community care programs. In continuing care retirement communities, a senior or retiree can choose from 1) independent living, 2) assisted living, and 3) nursing home care all within a single community. For a one time or monthly fee basis, a retired person can avail of a living quarters, meals, health care in different levels and the company of other seniors and retired persons.

* What are Assisted Living Communities?

Assisted Living Communities can be differentiated by the different types of levels of assistance provided by the hosts of the communities as well as the different kinds of living units by their residents. This is a community wherein retirees and senior citizen residents live together and requires some assistance in their everyday activities. Licensed and well-trained medical staff are at hand to provide service and assistance to their residents that either could not do their daily activity independently due to old age or because of an illness or ailment. Call Mary Ann at 469-877-8446 or visit our site at to find an assisted living residential facility that is well staffed with CNA's in a wonderful home environment suited for 24 hour care.

* What are Nursing Care Facilities?

Nursing Care Facilities, or Nursing Homes, provide a living community for senior citizens and retirees who need constant or daily care. Most states require a nursing care facility to have a license. They are expected to meet federal requirements such as having licensed and well-trained medical attendants. Advanced aged residents can avail of medical attention all day. As well, they can live with other people with their same condition and enjoy daily activities that can keep them physically and mentally active.

* What are golf retirement communities?

As its name implies, a Golf Retirement Community is a living community wherein a golf course is centered. Retirees and senior citizens who love the game of golf get a chance to play the game they adore everyday. This kind of community is designed to cater to the needs of those who are advanced in age and want to live in a community among their peers. Many amenities are available that do not only cater to golfing. They can enjoy other activities such as card playing, swimming, exercising and more. This type of community offers different housing plans such as two door houses or apartment type living quarters.

* What are RV retirement communities?

RV retirement communities are where senior citizens or retirees live in RV's or Recreational Vehicles that are parked in designated areas. RV Communities have permanent structures and facilities wherein residents can avail of many services such as recreation, medical and other physical activities. A couple or single senior retiree can enjoy living independently in his RV but still get the attention he needs. Living with other retirees in their own RV's cuts the cost of renting housing facilities or buying a home.

* What are rental retirement communities?

Rental retirement communities allow you to live in a community where you do not have an obligation to purchase a property. You can enjoy retired life to the fullest in a community where like-minded people can take pleasure in living in a community where they can get to do what they like. A rental retirement community lets you live in a community where there are a various choices of living conditions. From luxurious villas to studio type apartments, you can stay as long as you want when you want it. You can take advantage of services like independent living, assisted living and nursing care living.

Read more about assisted living and care for your loved one at

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Senior Living at homeAre you preparing for your retirement? Once you have determined that your finances are in good standing, you may be concerned with your living arrangements. Despite the fact that many retirees choose to stay right where they are, many more opt for retirement home communities. If you are interested in doing so, you will want to choose your retirement community wisely.

The first step in choosing a retirement community involves familiarizing yourself with all of your options. Did you know that you have multiple choices? You do. Retirement communities come in a number of different formats.

Independent retirement communities and facilities are the most popular choice among retirees who are in good health. These are establishments where you are essentially on your own. It is like you are just renting an apartment. Often times, the only onsite staff members are office workers, maintenance workers, and security personnel. Many independent retirement communities are designed to provide you with ease of living. This includes making onsite activities, like exercise classes and arts and crafts, available.

Assisted living communities and facilities are ideal for retirees whose health is just starting to worsen. If you need help on occasion, an assisted living retirement community may be perfect for you. The assistance provided does vary, but you can get help with going for a walk outdoors, cooking, preparing for your day, or taking your medication.

Nursing homes and facilities are another retirement option for those poor in health. Nursing homes are essentially hospitals with a more laidback environment. They are designed for individuals who cannot care for themselves. If you are researching nursing homes, you are likely a family member of the retiree, not him or her. When residing in a nursing home, patients are provided with around-the-clock care. This is a nice alternative to living with family or constant home nurse care.

Continuing care retirement facilities, like a residential care home, and other communities are another option that you have. This option is one that is increasing in popularity. Continuing care retirement facilities and communities essentially provide residents with independent living, assisted living, and around-the-clock care, depending on the resident's needs. These facilities are great for retirees who are concerned with their health and finances. Yes, your health may be good now, but there are no guarantees with the future. Relocating and putting stress on your family isn't advised. That is why continuing care facilities are often recommended.

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Senior Living at homeA contemporary senior living center ought to really feel a lot more like a home compared to a medical center. The institutionalized feel of the senior living neighborhood of the past has actually been changed in the previous few years. Now, there are senior houses, aided living treatment, or even senior dementia hygiene centers that are lavishly designated, beautiful, home-like settings for retirement age adults. However, though the aesthetic transformation has been impressive; the most vital modification in senior hygiene has actually been at a philosophical degree. Modern organizations deal with the local and also family members to help them preserve as much flexibility and also self-reliance as is possible for as lengthy as possible. Within the specifications of security, locals are provided free of cost regime of the safe facility as well as could also travel as well as take place adventures. They live in home setups that enable their own personal things as well as keepsakes. In some complexes, they have complete kitchens as well as can opt to either chef or benefit from restaurant-style eating. And also talking of dining, that has changed also. Fruit and buffet at each dish help locals consume healthfully. Dining establishment design solution is a lot more sensible than eating institutionalized buffet mystery dishes. Special events, like bbqs and also parties are also planned as occasions for locals to expect.

Looking forward to the future is a trick to having a zest forever. There was a time when a senior living community really felt stuck in the past as residents really felt that all they can do was review the memories they had already made. Today's senior living facility supplies chances for residents to learn as well as experience brand-new things as well as take part in activities and pastimes they like. They are making new memories as well as focusing on the brilliant future they have. In fact, that is one more method that elderly living back homes have actually transformed.

In the past, the activities director would certainly search for any kind of enjoyment they might discover at a cheap cost, no matter just what it was. Or, they would stuff the day full of mind-numbing tasks. Now, individual treatment aides pay attention to the needs as well as passions of the homeowners to determine exactly what they wish to learn, view, and do. They find out the long-lasting pastimes of individuals in their specific community, but they additionally examine to learn exactly what the locals always intended to do that they never had the chance for. Then, the activities and amusement are concentrated around satisfying these dreams as well as offering an outlet for the imagination as well as know-how of the residents themselves.

Tour our Care Home online now!

Assisted Living Services

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Senior Living at homeLooking after boomers is not just a heavy responsibility but is also a full time job. With every individual’s daily routine cramped up, taking care of them can be difficult. However, despite all of this, many boomers want to age at home, preferring the environment of their home to any other. Their desire is understandable; of course, it is extremely difficult to leave home behind and go live somewhere else, but the main issue comes down to the caregivers (i.e. the family of the boomer), and how this task can weigh down on them and affect their daily lives.

One would be likely to suggest the help of assistant nurses or in-home nurses – they can tend to the boomer and the rest of the family can go about their daily lives. However, this is not a foolproof solution, either. Many families find it is disturbing to have the presence of an in-home nurse around all the time. They like their privacy and get uncomfortable with someone else always around.

The problem remains that boomers want to age at home and all the options have some sort of issue. Nevertheless, there is a good solution for this: residential care home. Residential care homes can provide the “homely” environment that boomer needs and this can go well for the family, too. Residential care homes also reduce all the other problems that arise with boomers aging at home, such as not getting enough independence. They have to rely on the other family members to take time out for them so they can go out. Many boomers already feel guilty about being a burden on the family, too, so they do not even bother voicing their wish to go out. At residential care homes, they are free to go out, as they will. Be it to take a walk or go to a zoo, it is all possible and they do not have to ask for their independence. Another advantage to residential care homes is the professional help boomers get. All their needs are tended to and a professional is caring for them so their health is always kept in check. The nursing assistants in residential care homes are trained as well as friendly, so that further makes the residential care home feel more like a home. Boomers get food, attention, care, independence, and a great environment. It is most definitely the best solution there is.

Boomers also get to be social at residential care homes; they can invite guests, go out, sit outside, keep pets, or attend events. This is definitely an advantage because at their own home, under the care of busy family members, they cannot always be social, because the family is already too busy. Nurses at residential care homes have the duty to attend to the boomer, so it is their job to keep all the needs of a boomer satisfied – hence, there is no better solution to long-term care other than residential care homes. They can fulfill their wish to age at home, a residential care home, which is their home away from home.

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Senior Living like a bed and breakfastHave you ever stayed in a Luxurious Bed and Breakfast (B&B)? If you have not, you should definitely try one out.However, if you think you are too old now to go live somewhere temporarily, you do not have to feel sorry at all, because may be you could temporarily or permanently Live at a Bed and Breakfast Style Home.

Private Residential Adult Care Homes can be extremely luxurious if you know how to get to the right one. Oasis Care Homes offer such an option, and are ideal for Senior Living. Temporary stays satisfy Respite Care, while Permanent Stays Resolve Long Term Care and Housing for Seniors and their families.

Oasis Care Homes are Professional Care Homes Staffed by Professional Nursing Assistants to help Residents, with Luxurious Care and Pampering for Seniors foremost; helping to mitigate issues Seniors being cared for are dealing with day-to-day. This is why Private Residential Senior Care Homes are often known as the “Bed & Breakfast of Senior Living.” Clients have been, and are always so happy and content in these Care Homes, leaving no doubt about the quality of their experiences at Oasis and Partner Senior Care Homes.

Oasis Care Homes: How They Relate to Bed & Breakfast

What is a Bed and Breakfast (B&B)? It is a Hotel Service for Tourists which usually consists of Overnight Lodgings and Free Breakfast in the same cost as the room. At Oasis Senior Care Homes, they not only provide Three Great Meals and Snacks a Day, but attend to personal and care needs of their Seniors 24/7 - so one can say Oasis Care Homes are better than a Bed and Breakfasts as the Value and Quality of Services at Pricing per 24Hrs far outstrips B&B's!

Oasis Care Home “Guests” have scheduled stays for Respite Care, and "Residents" do not just stay for a night or two but live in their luxurious Care home – so for Residents, it is like permanently living in a luxurious B&B and having all your needs catered to.

The Staffs at B&B Hotels prepare Breakfast and offer Room-Cleaning Services, but that is about it, unless Guests purchase additional Service Packages. At Oasis Senior Care Homes, a Personal Nursing Assistant is provided to the Respite Guests and Long Term Residents, to do the Cleaning, Cooking, and Fulfill all the other tasks that the clientele may need done. They pamper Guests and Residents in the best way possible and give them the best attention they can.

A B&B’s Environment and Area depends upon the cost and place it is in, so that always varies. Oasis Care Homes assure Guests and Residents that the Residential Area as well as the Environment they get are Luxurious, Pleasant, and Desirable for the Best Quality of Life and Living in the Sunset years of one' life.

Oasis Care Homes feature Private Rooms - though Couples, Relatives or Friends needing Housing and Care can Request Shared Rooms for more savings; Private or Shared Baths, with access for all mobility levels in mind. The best way to learn about all the touches Oasis Care Homes offer that a luxury Bed and Breakfast Hotel cannot provide, is to visit one of their Care Homes and discuss your needs with them.

Oasis Senior Care Homes also cater to Clientele happiness, and make sure they are happy and healthy. Exercises, walks in the local park, sitting out in the beautiful porch or backyard, watching shows on large TVs, Games; Hosting get-togethers for Guests/Residents and friends, etc., are all provided to the Seniors, so that they have many opportunities to create more great times and memories. Certainly many ways to keep from being bored! The assistance Seniors are given is not just professional, it is also friendly and humorous; so each individual will always experience personal companionship - to help battle the feeling of loneliness Seniors tend to struggle with.

Most Oasis Senior Care Homes dispense with “No Pets” policies unlike many B&B Hotels – so Senior Guest's and Resident's need for their pet companions can also be taken care of. Please speak to an Oasis Care Home Manager to make arrange for this while touring one of their homes.

Though Oasis Senior Care Homes are, in many ways, compared to Bed and Breakfast Hotels, they are far superior on many levels - a high and daunting compliment to achieve. Do contact an Oasis Care Home soon, they are right here in our local community, and are glad to look after their Guests and Residents in such a commendable way.

Give your Family and Friends scheduled time off from helping with your Care Needs by booking Respite Care as a Guest at an Oasis Senior Care Home; or Resolve your Current and Long Term Care and Housing needs by becoming an Oasis Senior Care Home Resident today.

Live permanently in a Luxurious Bed and Breakfast Style Residence that offers SO MUCH More, and enjoy this phase of your life, too.Who says being old has to be boring and dull?

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Whether you select care homes, in-home care services, institutional care, or any other option for your senior care needs, every option requires a set of skilled staff and expert nurses. All the seniors are dependent on their care, hence the professionalism and expertness of nurses and caregivers is compulsory. When seniors come to us for our Oasis Care Home services, we strive to offer them not just a great service to receive and an impressive residential area to live in, but also expert, skilled caregivers so that all our customers’ needs are looked after. We understand that our seniors are paying not just to live in a comfortable care home but are mainly paying so that they have comfort and attention given to them. We are proud to say that Oasis Care Homes’  care staff are certified, experienced, friendly, and skilled in their work.

Care Staff Job Duties

Where senior health care in concerned, the care staff - also called caregivers - have a vital role. They are the employees who take care of the senior patients’ needs all the while maintaining a friendly relationship with them. All the care staff at Oasis Care Homes are highly valued for their incredible service and talent. A nursing assistant has many job duties to fulfill. Some of the job duties are:

Basic Care: Caregivers take care of all the basic needs of residents with not just skill but also empathy and cheerfulness. They are like a guardian to any personal patient they may be assigned to – feeding them, helping them move around, helping with Medication management in a timely manner, etc. Our care staff at Oasis Care Homes live with the residents in the care home and not just feed but also cook the meals for their residents. Even though the care homes are equipped with handicap friendly resources, the nurses still keep a constant eye on their patient to make sure they are safe. Senior patients’ health often gets worse if they experience bad falls that their body cannot afford to take – our nurses, however, are always by the patient’s side, helping them.

Maintaining a Friendly Attitude: When residents are taken care of day and night, they start feeling better and healthier, because they are free from any exertions and stress. The care staff at Oasis Care Homes do not just professionally help the patient with their work but also maintain a friendly relationship with the patient – they do not just help residents with their needs but also take part in other activities with the patient such as going out for walks, or helping them with exercise. We expect our care staff to protect their residents as a guardian and take care of them like a parent.

Professional Care: All our Caregivers are highly qualified and know their job well so all the food that they provide to the patient is nutritionally balanced that helps them become better... balanced, and thoughtfully presented - important at  a time of life when many Seniors struggle with their appetite and attention to their nutritional needs. People often choose Oasis Care Homes for this reason – they feel that our care staff can take care of their seniors better than they themselves can.

Oasis Care Homes are located in pleasant and respectable areas so the patient can feel right at home. These homes encourage a patient’s rights, honor, freedom, and individuality. Many seniors feel better after living in Oasis Care Homes and being under the care of our care staff because they become independent and do not have to rely on busy family members to take care of them.

Why our Care Staff are Valued

We have a line of caregivers who have received exceptional praises and commendations for their work and capabilities. Our residents are always satisfied with any caregiver they are assigned to and the care staff always bring up reports of improvements in the residents. We are extremely proud of our talented caregivers and appreciate their outstanding work.

Individualized Attention to seniors: Each one of our residents is special to us and even more so to our nurses because they are the ones who take care and live with the residents. We believe that every senior is a dignified individual with a right to attention and care. This is why we emphasize on our care staff to provide individualized attention to the residents and promote their health and well-being in all aspects – physical, psychological, and social.

Knowledgeable and Capable Attention: Taking care of the residents with their hearts and compassion is necessary but we hire those caregivers who are also expert and professional. The caregivers at Oasis Care Homes know all the various types of care plans and work accordingly with their residents’ needs. They keep track of their assigned senior’s progress – notice their nutritional changes, look after their hydration necessities, and if they observe any areas of concern, they report to family and relevant Doctors of the Senior so that solutions and remedies are provided or applied to resolve or work around issues being presented, to maintain the best quality if life possible for each individual being cared for.

Attend to Daily Requirements: Seniors live in care homes so that their basic needs are taken care of. Accordingly, our caregivers’ job duties require them to take care of their assigned senior with full responsibility. The nurses take care of all daily requirements of the senior: bathing, dressing, exercising, feeding, toileting, getting them in contact with others if they wish to be social, taking care of their personal hygiene, incontinent care, infection control, trips to the doctor, and other such tasks. are on duty 24/7, pacing themselves without slacking in their work at all, striving to keep a congenial living environment for each Senior and group of Seniors collectively.

You can rest assured that all the Care Staff and Nurses at Oasis Care Homes have many years of experience, skilled and trained for the work that they do with Seniors - tailoring Care as indicated for individual residents. We do not compromise on the safety and well-being of our residents – they are highly valued by their loved ones and deserve care and attention of equally high value from us.

Contact us to learn more about our residential care services for seniors. We are here to help bring happiness to your family and the ones you love.

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oasis senior care homes

Long-Term Care

Every phase of life requires pre-planning, and any phase that has been pre-planned automatically becomes easier. The same law applies to long-term care- your senior time of life. That time of your life is when you most need and deserve comfort and care. If you have mapped out that phase, you are good to go, and can live stress free regarding your future.

A huge part of this future planning refers to long-term care. According to official statistics, it is a fact that 70% of people aged over 60 will most definitely require long-term care, and a basic long-term care period is about 2.5 years. One cannot plan for their future without thinking about what they plan on doing for their long-term care.

One of the biggest reasons why people hesitate to think about long-term care is because of the expensive costs that come along with it. However, that should not stop you from planning; instead, it should prompt you to plan precisely, so that you can choose the most reasonable long-term care plan. With the right links and information, you can actually figure out a cheaper plan. Care homes are one of the common solutions to long-term care, and do not always have to be extremely expensive. Our care homes at Oasis Care Homes are found to be less expensive than typical in-home care.

How to Prepare for Long-Term Care

We have established that preparation for long-term care is definitely necessary. Just saving money every month off your paycheck is not going to be enough. Even if people start saving at a very young age, the collected funds can still be insufficient at the time of senior care because the expenses rise and it is very hard to save a lot every month, no matter how much one tries. Self-funding is always an option but it is not very foolproof, so looking at other options can suit you better.

For years, people have been using their homes as assets to serve for their long-term funds and that has worked out for a lot. However, for many, there have been other drawbacks to this plan too, such as selling their personal property for money or having to take loans that require monthly paybacks. Within time, the system has changed and new kinds of loans have come into being. One such loan is the reverse mortgage- a loan that a bank provides but it does not require monthly payments- the home itself serves as a security asset and the owner only has to pay the loan back when they sell their house. This is just one small example of how a person can prepare for their long-term care funds without having to worry about saving money all the time.

To a person looking to live in a residential care home in the future, the best plan would be to attain long-term care insurance. This way, the insurance company pays for the daily charges of the care home and the senior can live worry free.

Why Choose Care Homes

Care homes are generally a good idea to prepare for, they assist you with all your needs and Oasis Care Homes provide care homes in friendly residential areas where you can live in a house with all your needs looked after. Here are a few of the reasons why care homes are the better option in long-term living:

  1. When people get older, they have to start relying on others, especially other family members, to care for their needs. Many seniors feel guilty for depending on people who have their own lives to live, so care homes become the best solution. They can still live in a home and be independent at the same time.
  2. Seniors get professional help. The certified nursing staff who look after seniors in care homes are skilled and know exactly how to care for seniors. Oasis Care Homes is proud to say that our care nurses excel in their occupation, are certified with the state, and provide the best of services.
  3. Living in care homes feels like home. Professional care institutes are public and they have an environment that constantly informs the patients that they are patients, living in the care of others. However, a care home environment is always friendly and private, and seniors can keep their own pets, bedroom furniture, and eat whatever they want.

Oasis Senior Care Homes

Our care homes guarantee the best of service and your satisfaction. With reasonable prices, you can be sure to live easily, in luxury, in our resident care homes, all with the help of a professional by your side. We are currently available at Oasis Wallbrook Care Home, in Lewisville, Texas, and are openly welcoming residents. Feel comforted in knowing you’re getting the best care possible. We’re here to help you.

Rodney Marcantel

Former Pastor, School Board Member and loving Father who lost his wife this year found a care home close to Coppell thanks to his daughter, Mary Ann and son-in-law, Rodney. They opened Oasis Wallbrook Care Home, one of many planned in the area, to move Rev. McBride into.

Mary Ann recalls, "I lost my mom; My father lost the love of his life and wife for 60 years. Dad lived with us for 4 months with the care of a nurse. He has memory issues and although we loved having him with us, it was taxing on us and our family. We moved him to our first Oasis Care Home in Lewisville, which is very close to Coppell, and he's never been more happy. He has is own room and bathroom, get's 3 home cooked meals and snacks every day with the help of a wonderful Care Nurse who lives with him. He loves to sit out back and listen to classical music. They even had a friends and family gathering with singing at the house. Being a retired minister, we all sang hymns and had a great time. We searched for many months the best place to move him to, and opening the Oasis Wallbrook Care Home was the best decision we made." 

Mary Ann and Rodney now have their lives back after nearly 2 years battling the difficulty of moving her parents to an assisted living home, hospitals and rehab centers for her mom, and then taking care of her father after the passing of her Mom. Rev. McBride loves people and loves his new home. He welcomes others to experience the love and care that he's receiving at an Oasis Care Home. Visit this care home website to learn more or to schedule a visit. They have monthly gatherings with friends from his old church, First Assembly of God Coppell, and enjoy music, food and fellowship.

As Rodney says, "I worked hard on getting the first home remodeled and handicap accessable because I care so much for the McBrides for allowing me to be a part of their family. It's such a joy to see how happy Rev. McBride is and it is comforting to know that we are doing everything we can to make the rest of his life enjoyable. I only wish more people could be this blessed as we want to surround him with others his age in a wonderful home that I hope someday I can enjoy when that time comes for us."

Rodney Marcantel
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Seniors make up a large part of our population and their health is not something that can be taken lightly. They not only need, but also deserve, proper attention directed towards their wellbeing, especially when illnesses like Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, and the like are becoming more common with each passing day. However, that is not the case. Seniors, instead of gaining more benefits due to their handicaps and disabilities, actually face more problems. Many of these problems mostly revolve around financial aspects; senior care costs are unimaginably high, going as far as $5,000 or even more for just a month, and not all seniors have the monetary conditions to pay for such high costing senior care. Corporate facilities, especially, are extremely expensive. All their services are costly- memory care fees being about $6,000 monthly and in-home care charging hourly rates for no less than $25 per hour.

However, corporate facilities are not the only senior care services available- a cheaper and better alternative for senior care can be care homes. Care homes cost less than other senior care options that are available, and their entire focus remains on providing care for their seniors and making sure that the environment their patients stay in is friendly as well as homely. While in-home care giving services are directly in the house of the patient, there are often many issues arising about it, such as the other members of the family not being comfortable with a nurse or other personal care staff being around in their house, or the fact that in-home care services are quite costly. On the other hand, these problems do not occur when a patient chooses to live and be looked after in an Oasis Senior Care Home. There are no other members of the family around who would feel uneasy, neither are the costs of care home unreasonably high. Practical prices within the range of $3,000-$4,000 per month are an easier option that in-home services that go up to $5,000 or more.

Whether a senior is suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other disability or disease, the patient requires proper care and attention as well as a good, healthy environment. A healthy, stress-free environment plays an important role in the betterment of patients’ health. Such an environment is guaranteed at Oasis Senior Care Homes- all the care homes are available in safe, respectable residential areas and everything within these homes is handicap accessible. The patients get all the comfort of a luxurious, comfortable home as well as professional care. All the personal care staff hired to look after seniors is skilled in profession and friendly to patients. Seniors not only require professional help, but they also need positivity and friendliness around them. High quality, expert staff and pleasant care homes are a specialty of Oasis Senior Care Homes. No surrounding could be more suitable to senior patients than that of Oasis Senior Care Homes. It is no less than their personal home.