Rodney Marcantel

Senior Living at homeLooking after boomers is not just a heavy responsibility but is also a full time job. With every individual’s daily routine cramped up, taking care of them can be difficult. However, despite all of this, many boomers want to age at home, preferring the environment of their home to any other. Their desire is understandable; of course, it is extremely difficult to leave home behind and go live somewhere else, but the main issue comes down to the caregivers (i.e. the family of the boomer), and how this task can weigh down on them and affect their daily lives.

One would be likely to suggest the help of assistant nurses or in-home nurses – they can tend to the boomer and the rest of the family can go about their daily lives. However, this is not a foolproof solution, either. Many families find it is disturbing to have the presence of an in-home nurse around all the time. They like their privacy and get uncomfortable with someone else always around.

The problem remains that boomers want to age at home and all the options have some sort of issue. Nevertheless, there is a good solution for this: residential care home. Residential care homes can provide the “homely” environment that boomer needs and this can go well for the family, too. Residential care homes also reduce all the other problems that arise with boomers aging at home, such as not getting enough independence. They have to rely on the other family members to take time out for them so they can go out. Many boomers already feel guilty about being a burden on the family, too, so they do not even bother voicing their wish to go out. At residential care homes, they are free to go out, as they will. Be it to take a walk or go to a zoo, it is all possible and they do not have to ask for their independence. Another advantage to residential care homes is the professional help boomers get. All their needs are tended to and a professional is caring for them so their health is always kept in check. The nursing assistants in residential care homes are trained as well as friendly, so that further makes the residential care home feel more like a home. Boomers get food, attention, care, independence, and a great environment. It is most definitely the best solution there is.

Boomers also get to be social at residential care homes; they can invite guests, go out, sit outside, keep pets, or attend events. This is definitely an advantage because at their own home, under the care of busy family members, they cannot always be social, because the family is already too busy. Nurses at residential care homes have the duty to attend to the boomer, so it is their job to keep all the needs of a boomer satisfied – hence, there is no better solution to long-term care other than residential care homes. They can fulfill their wish to age at home, a residential care home, which is their home away from home.

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