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Long-Term Care

Every phase of life requires pre-planning, and any phase that has been pre-planned automatically becomes easier. The same law applies to long-term care- your senior time of life. That time of your life is when you most need and deserve comfort and care. If you have mapped out that phase, you are good to go, and can live stress free regarding your future.

A huge part of this future planning refers to long-term care. According to official statistics, it is a fact that 70% of people aged over 60 will most definitely require long-term care, and a basic long-term care period is about 2.5 years. One cannot plan for their future without thinking about what they plan on doing for their long-term care.

One of the biggest reasons why people hesitate to think about long-term care is because of the expensive costs that come along with it. However, that should not stop you from planning; instead, it should prompt you to plan precisely, so that you can choose the most reasonable long-term care plan. With the right links and information, you can actually figure out a cheaper plan. Care homes are one of the common solutions to long-term care, and do not always have to be extremely expensive. Our care homes at Oasis Care Homes are found to be less expensive than typical in-home care.

How to Prepare for Long-Term Care

We have established that preparation for long-term care is definitely necessary. Just saving money every month off your paycheck is not going to be enough. Even if people start saving at a very young age, the collected funds can still be insufficient at the time of senior care because the expenses rise and it is very hard to save a lot every month, no matter how much one tries. Self-funding is always an option but it is not very foolproof, so looking at other options can suit you better.

For years, people have been using their homes as assets to serve for their long-term funds and that has worked out for a lot. However, for many, there have been other drawbacks to this plan too, such as selling their personal property for money or having to take loans that require monthly paybacks. Within time, the system has changed and new kinds of loans have come into being. One such loan is the reverse mortgage- a loan that a bank provides but it does not require monthly payments- the home itself serves as a security asset and the owner only has to pay the loan back when they sell their house. This is just one small example of how a person can prepare for their long-term care funds without having to worry about saving money all the time.

To a person looking to live in a residential care home in the future, the best plan would be to attain long-term care insurance. This way, the insurance company pays for the daily charges of the care home and the senior can live worry free.

Why Choose Care Homes

Care homes are generally a good idea to prepare for, they assist you with all your needs and Oasis Care Homes provide care homes in friendly residential areas where you can live in a house with all your needs looked after. Here are a few of the reasons why care homes are the better option in long-term living:

  1. When people get older, they have to start relying on others, especially other family members, to care for their needs. Many seniors feel guilty for depending on people who have their own lives to live, so care homes become the best solution. They can still live in a home and be independent at the same time.
  2. Seniors get professional help. The certified nursing staff who look after seniors in care homes are skilled and know exactly how to care for seniors. Oasis Care Homes is proud to say that our care nurses excel in their occupation, are certified with the state, and provide the best of services.
  3. Living in care homes feels like home. Professional care institutes are public and they have an environment that constantly informs the patients that they are patients, living in the care of others. However, a care home environment is always friendly and private, and seniors can keep their own pets, bedroom furniture, and eat whatever they want.

Oasis Senior Care Homes

Our care homes guarantee the best of service and your satisfaction. With reasonable prices, you can be sure to live easily, in luxury, in our resident care homes, all with the help of a professional by your side. We are currently available at Oasis Wallbrook Care Home, in Lewisville, Texas, and are openly welcoming residents. Feel comforted in knowing you’re getting the best care possible. We’re here to help you.

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