Rodney Marcantel

Former Pastor, School Board Member and loving Father who lost his wife this year found a care home close to Coppell thanks to his daughter, Mary Ann and son-in-law, Rodney. They opened Oasis Wallbrook Care Home, one of many planned in the area, to move Rev. McBride into.

Mary Ann recalls, "I lost my mom; My father lost the love of his life and wife for 60 years. Dad lived with us for 4 months with the care of a nurse. He has memory issues and although we loved having him with us, it was taxing on us and our family. We moved him to our first Oasis Care Home in Lewisville, which is very close to Coppell, and he's never been more happy. He has is own room and bathroom, get's 3 home cooked meals and snacks every day with the help of a wonderful Care Nurse who lives with him. He loves to sit out back and listen to classical music. They even had a friends and family gathering with singing at the house. Being a retired minister, we all sang hymns and had a great time. We searched for many months the best place to move him to, and opening the Oasis Wallbrook Care Home was the best decision we made." 

Mary Ann and Rodney now have their lives back after nearly 2 years battling the difficulty of moving her parents to an assisted living home, hospitals and rehab centers for her mom, and then taking care of her father after the passing of her Mom. Rev. McBride loves people and loves his new home. He welcomes others to experience the love and care that he's receiving at an Oasis Care Home. Visit this care home website to learn more or to schedule a visit. They have monthly gatherings with friends from his old church, First Assembly of God Coppell, and enjoy music, food and fellowship.

As Rodney says, "I worked hard on getting the first home remodeled and handicap accessable because I care so much for the McBrides for allowing me to be a part of their family. It's such a joy to see how happy Rev. McBride is and it is comforting to know that we are doing everything we can to make the rest of his life enjoyable. I only wish more people could be this blessed as we want to surround him with others his age in a wonderful home that I hope someday I can enjoy when that time comes for us."

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