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Whether you select care homes, in-home care services, institutional care, or any other option for your senior care needs, every option requires a set of skilled staff and expert nurses. All the seniors are dependent on their care, hence the professionalism and expertness of nurses and caregivers is compulsory. When seniors come to us for our Oasis Care Home services, we strive to offer them not just a great service to receive and an impressive residential area to live in, but also expert, skilled caregivers so that all our customers’ needs are looked after. We understand that our seniors are paying not just to live in a comfortable care home but are mainly paying so that they have comfort and attention given to them. We are proud to say that Oasis Care Homes’  care staff are certified, experienced, friendly, and skilled in their work.

Care Staff Job Duties

Where senior health care in concerned, the care staff - also called caregivers - have a vital role. They are the employees who take care of the senior patients’ needs all the while maintaining a friendly relationship with them. All the care staff at Oasis Care Homes are highly valued for their incredible service and talent. A nursing assistant has many job duties to fulfill. Some of the job duties are:

Basic Care: Caregivers take care of all the basic needs of residents with not just skill but also empathy and cheerfulness. They are like a guardian to any personal patient they may be assigned to – feeding them, helping them move around, helping with Medication management in a timely manner, etc. Our care staff at Oasis Care Homes live with the residents in the care home and not just feed but also cook the meals for their residents. Even though the care homes are equipped with handicap friendly resources, the nurses still keep a constant eye on their patient to make sure they are safe. Senior patients’ health often gets worse if they experience bad falls that their body cannot afford to take – our nurses, however, are always by the patient’s side, helping them.

Maintaining a Friendly Attitude: When residents are taken care of day and night, they start feeling better and healthier, because they are free from any exertions and stress. The care staff at Oasis Care Homes do not just professionally help the patient with their work but also maintain a friendly relationship with the patient – they do not just help residents with their needs but also take part in other activities with the patient such as going out for walks, or helping them with exercise. We expect our care staff to protect their residents as a guardian and take care of them like a parent.

Professional Care: All our Caregivers are highly qualified and know their job well so all the food that they provide to the patient is nutritionally balanced that helps them become better... balanced, and thoughtfully presented - important at  a time of life when many Seniors struggle with their appetite and attention to their nutritional needs. People often choose Oasis Care Homes for this reason – they feel that our care staff can take care of their seniors better than they themselves can.

Oasis Care Homes are located in pleasant and respectable areas so the patient can feel right at home. These homes encourage a patient’s rights, honor, freedom, and individuality. Many seniors feel better after living in Oasis Care Homes and being under the care of our care staff because they become independent and do not have to rely on busy family members to take care of them.

Why our Care Staff are Valued

We have a line of caregivers who have received exceptional praises and commendations for their work and capabilities. Our residents are always satisfied with any caregiver they are assigned to and the care staff always bring up reports of improvements in the residents. We are extremely proud of our talented caregivers and appreciate their outstanding work.

Individualized Attention to seniors: Each one of our residents is special to us and even more so to our nurses because they are the ones who take care and live with the residents. We believe that every senior is a dignified individual with a right to attention and care. This is why we emphasize on our care staff to provide individualized attention to the residents and promote their health and well-being in all aspects – physical, psychological, and social.

Knowledgeable and Capable Attention: Taking care of the residents with their hearts and compassion is necessary but we hire those caregivers who are also expert and professional. The caregivers at Oasis Care Homes know all the various types of care plans and work accordingly with their residents’ needs. They keep track of their assigned senior’s progress – notice their nutritional changes, look after their hydration necessities, and if they observe any areas of concern, they report to family and relevant Doctors of the Senior so that solutions and remedies are provided or applied to resolve or work around issues being presented, to maintain the best quality if life possible for each individual being cared for.

Attend to Daily Requirements: Seniors live in care homes so that their basic needs are taken care of. Accordingly, our caregivers’ job duties require them to take care of their assigned senior with full responsibility. The nurses take care of all daily requirements of the senior: bathing, dressing, exercising, feeding, toileting, getting them in contact with others if they wish to be social, taking care of their personal hygiene, incontinent care, infection control, trips to the doctor, and other such tasks. are on duty 24/7, pacing themselves without slacking in their work at all, striving to keep a congenial living environment for each Senior and group of Seniors collectively.

You can rest assured that all the Care Staff and Nurses at Oasis Care Homes have many years of experience, skilled and trained for the work that they do with Seniors - tailoring Care as indicated for individual residents. We do not compromise on the safety and well-being of our residents – they are highly valued by their loved ones and deserve care and attention of equally high value from us.

Contact us to learn more about our residential care services for seniors. We are here to help bring happiness to your family and the ones you love.

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