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Pictured: Home Depot Associates: Chris Amaral, Thad Zimmer, Kenneth Robnett, Dustin Green, Louis Young, Caleb Coley; Independence Gardens Volunteers: Sylvia Gallegos, Eunice Cruz

The 100 degree heat has not deterred a community from helping a local Lewisville Elementary School build their Community Garden.  A parent-led group and local Home Depot stores are braving the hot Texas weather to construct the heart of of the garden, the student plots.  Upon completion, the Gardens will provide the students at Independence Elementary an outdoor learning lab complete with a project based learning curriculum.

Elementary school gardens have been shown to improve academic achievement, create positive attitudes towards science and learning, and foster a pride of ownership of accomplishments in students. Additionally, the Community Gardens at Independence Elementary School will teach students about healthy nutrition and the positive environmental impact of sustainable local food sources, as well as provide access to open spaces and outdoor recreation activities.

The parent-led team at Independence Elementary tapped local resources to help them achieve their goal.  The project was so well received by the Lewisville Community that helped arrived in the form of Home Depot. Local Home Depot stores, The Colony, Lewisville, and Irving locations, have committed to helping complete the student plots through their Team Depot Program.  

Team Depot is Home Depot’s associate-led volunteer program where associates work side-by-side to create “life long, meaningful relationships” between Home Depot, their neigbors, and Home Depot Associates.  This program brings together volunteerism, do-it-yourself expertise, product donations, and monetary grants as a way to support the communities where the associates live and work.  

“We are very excited to receive support from Home Depot,” said Eunice Cruz, Director of Operations, The Community Gardens at Independence.  “The core values of their Team Depot program is a perfect complement to the Gardens Mission and Philosophy.  We want our children to learn that our community grows when we help each other.”

Work on the student plots is expected to be completed by Friday, August 2, 2013.  The Community Gardens at Independence Elementary will officially open in time for the Fall 2013-2014 school year.  

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