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Over one hundred fourth graders from Castle Hills Elementary in Lewisville, Texas will take part in a revolution on May 15, 2015.  It is a revolution started by an Englishman - but will be fought by these students in the heart of Texas.  

 The Englishman that began this revolution is no other than celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality Jamie Oliver.  He began a campaign that would create a strong, sustainable movement that would educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again, and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.

 On May 15, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., students will join this global movement to fight for food education by cooking with chef Jamie - through the power of Youtube.

 “The core belief of this campaign is right inline with one of our organizational goals - educating students on the relationship between food and nutrition.”  said Eunice Cruz, Director of Operations for Independence Gardens.  “A main component of school gardening is nutrition.  And with obesity on the rise - especially in the state of Texas - our parent-led organization wanted to ensure that it was a key component to our program.”  

Over 180 countries will participate in this social media driven event.  The Independence Gardens organization hopes to bring programs like Food Revolution Day to their network of school Gardens.  

 According to Chonnie Richey, Director of Operations for Independence Gardens, “Bringing this type of program to an LISD (Lewisville Independent School District) campus is a tremendous opportunity for these students.  School gardens in our network can expect these type of partnerships and programs on their campus.  The activities surrounding Food Revolution not only teaches kids the relationship between nutrition and food, they also start utilizing 21st Century Learning Concepts such as Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity.  When school districts, like LISD, show a commitment to innovative teaching practices, parents like myself become more excited with how my children are learning - and more engaged in our schools.”

 Independence Gardens’ first project was the Community Gardens at Independence Elementary which fully launched last year.   

 “This opportunity to host Food Revolution Day at Castle Hills Elementary couldn’t have come at a better time.” continues Chonnie Richey.  “We are looking to expand this initiative across the district and hope to fund some form of outdoor learning space in all the elementary schools at LISD within the next five years.”  

 Local food bloggers have been invited to share the event locally and globally.   Independence Gardens will be running a social media campaign the week of Food Revolution Day to engage the community in this initiative.  

 “What a great way to show these students that their actions on this day can have a global impact and for a single moment, the simple act of cooking can truly change their world.” said Chonnie Richey.  “

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About Independence Gardens:  Independence Gardens is a 501c3, parent-led organization committed to partnering with schools in developing and implementing experiential edible gardening programs that will provide every student an engaging, meaningful and transformative educational experience.  This uninhibited learning  will be accomplished through working partnerships with our community and schools, aiding in implementation of curriculum that address sustainable and ecological gardening practices, and provide an avenue for students to develop life skills in areas such as nutrition, leadership, and decision making.

 About Food Revolution Day:  Began by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, this campaign is fighting to put practical food education on the school curriculum.  Currently, over 180 countries participate in this yearly event.

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