Maggi Long – Guest Contributor
Jul 17 2017
Synchronized Swimming Camp



Central Standard Time



Westside Aquatic Center
1750 Duncan Lane
Lewisville, Texas

Hosted by the Pirouettes of Texas, we're the oldest and most recognized synchro team in North Texas and coach all levels, from beginners to National Champions.  

In our recreational classes, you'll learn synchro basics like eggbeatering and sculling, and figures like the ballet leg, oyster and barracuda.  Soon, you'll be pointing your toes and demonstrating your new moves in a short routine set to music, performing in our watershows and possibly even competing in local competitions! 

We're open to all kids, ages 6-16 - no synchro experience necessary.  However, you must be deep water safe (we practice in 12 feet of water) and able to swim the freestyle/crawl stroke for one length of the pool.  Current Pirouettes and USSS-certified coaches will be on hand to demonstrate and help in the pool.  

For more information, visit or send an email to  We hope to see you at the pool!