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 **Bikers In Wonderland: Eat. Ride. Give. Takes a Stand Against Childhood Food Insecurity and to #rally4freshfood**

 Lewisville, October 10, 2023— In a whimsical fusion of culinary artistry and community compassion, Bikers In Wonderland: Eat. Ride. Give. is set to hit Wayne Ferguson Plaza on Saturday, 10/28/23. The event, presented by Independence Gardens, is not just a thrilling celebration of biking and gourmet experiences; it's a rallying cry to address the critical issue of food insecurity among children.

 According to data from Feeding America, 1 in 6 children in Texas face hunger and live in food insecure households.  With this alarming reality in mind, Independence Gardens, a local non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring children in schools and communities have access to fresh food, is committing to supporting 100 schools with gardening and cooking programs, within the next two years. This commitment is further strengthened by Bikers In Wonderland: Eat. Ride. Give., Independence Gardens' own fundraising event, which aims to make a significant impact in the fight against childhood food insecurity.

 Chef Daniel Nellums, a passionate advocate for childhood nutrition, emphasizes, "As chefs, we understand the profound impact that access to fresh, nutritious food has on a child's development. Bikers In Wonderland:  Eat.  Ride.  Give.  provides us with a unique and fun platform to not only showcase our culinary skills but to also make a tangible difference in the lives of these children."

 Chonnie Richey, Founder of Independence Gardens, echoes this sentiment, stating, "Our mission at Independence Gardens is to ensure every child has access to fresh food, regardless of where they live. Since 2013, we have supported schools and communities with edible outdoor spaces, hydroponic systems, and our trademark Chef program, Come and EAT IT!  We are thrilled to present Bikers In Wonderland:  Eat.  Ride.  Give., in partnership with local chefs to showcase how collaboratively, we can impact childhood hunger; an event that aligns perfectly with our vision for a healthier, more nourished community."

 Bikers In Wonderland promises an unforgettable experience, featuring gourmet tastings, a motorcycle ride event, live music, free kids activities, costume contests, and a range of activities designed to engage and inspire attendees.  Proceeds from the event will directly contribute to Independence Gardens' efforts to combat childhood food insecurity.

 For more information about Bikers In Wonderland: Eat. Ride. Give., please visit

 About Independence Gardens: Independence Gardens, founded in 2013, is committed to empowering children and their communities to grow and prepare fresh, healthy food through garden-based and cooking education programs. Our mission is to improve access to fresh food, promote healthy eating habits, and instill values of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

 About Bikers In Wonderland:  Eat.  Ride.  Give.: Bikers In Wonderland:  Eat.  Ride.  Give., is a whimsical take on the story of Alice in Wonderland.  It combines the culinary creativity of local chefs curating dishes based on the story.  The family friendly event includes live music, free children’s activities, night market, costume contest, motorcycles, and more!  The overall goal of the event is to #rally4freshfood and raise 100K to provide 100 schools actionable, nutrition programs within 2 years.  

 For media inquiries, please contact:

Chonnie Richey

Founder, Independence Gardens

C. 214-500-7206


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