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Introducing the Mad Hatter Dinner Series: A Gastronomic Journey with Chef Josh Bonee, Benefitting Independence Gardens.  

Lewisville, Texas –We are thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated third Mad Hatter Dinner Series, featuring the culinary talents of acclaimed chef, Josh Bonee. This series of underground dinners aims to captivate food enthusiasts and support the noble cause of Independence Gardens, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting fresh food education.

The Mad Hatter Dinner Series presents an extraordinary opportunity for guests to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other. With Chef Josh Bonee at the helm, each dinner promises to be an immersive experience, showcasing his exceptional talent, culinary artistry, and creative flair.

Chef Josh Bonee will curate a six-course menu that tantalizes the taste buds and pushes the boundaries of flavor. Guests can expect a harmonious blend of innovative techniques, locally sourced ingredients, and unexpected flavor combinations that will leave a lasting impression.

More than just a delightful culinary experience, the Mad Hatter Dinner Series is also a platform for giving back to the community. A portion of the proceeds from each dinner will be donated to Independence Gardens, enabling them to continue their invaluable work in promoting fresh and sustainable food education.

The June dinner in the Mad Hatter Dinner Series is scheduled to take place on 6/24/23 at a secret location. Limited seats are available, ensuring an intimate and exclusive dining experience for attendees. This is an opportunity not to be missed for food enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and anyone seeking an unforgettable evening filled with exceptional cuisine and philanthropic endeavors.

To secure your place at this extraordinary event, visit our website and reserve your tickets today. Stay tuned for further announcements as we unveil the remaining lineup of talented chefs and dates for upcoming dinners in the Mad Hatter Dinner Series. 

 For press inquiries, interviews, or more information, please contact:  Contact:

Name: Chonnie Richey


Phone: (214) 500-7206

About Mad Hatter Dinner Series:  The Mad Hatter Dinner Series is a captivating and exclusive dining experience that brings together renowned chefs, exceptional cuisine, and philanthropy. Each dinner in the series aims to support Independence Gardens, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting fresh food education and empowering communities. Through innovative menus and culinary artistry, the Mad Hatter Dinner Series offers guests an extraordinary gastronomic journey.

About Chef Josh Bonee:  Chef Josh Bonee is an accomplished culinary artist known for his passion for fresh, locally sourced ingredients and his ability to create remarkable flavor combinations. With a diverse culinary background and a keen eye for creativity, Chef Bonee has garnered a loyal following and is highly regarded within the culinary industry.

About Independence Gardens:  Independence Gardens is a nonprofit organization committed to transforming the way children and communities understand, appreciate, and experience food. Through hands-on learning, cooking, and gardening programs, Independence Gardens empowers individuals to make healthier choices, fosters food education, and promotes sustainability.

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