Garden To Table Dinner



Central Standard Time



Community Gardens at Independence Elementary
2511 Windhaven Parkway
Lewisviile, Texas 75056

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Chef Matt McCallister, of FT33,  will headline this pop-up Garden To Table dinner on May 6, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.  Named one of America's Best Chef by Food and Wine, Chef McCallister will join chefs from across the Dallas area in this 6 course pop-up dinner.  The event will be held on the garden grounds at The Community Gardens at Independence Elementary located at 2511 Windhaven Parkway, Lewisville, Texas 75056.  The dinner is inspired by vegetables and fruits grown by students from school gardens in the Independence Garden network. Tickets are limited for this one night event.  Tickets can be purchased at:

Proceeds from the dinner will go towards installation of edible outdoor learning spaces along with impactful, actionable nutrition education programs like IG’s Come and Eat IT program.  This interactive program has local chefs cooking with students to connect them with the food they are growing and eating.  This year, more than 1500 students representing 14 elementary schools in Lewisville, Texas will take part in hands-on event rallying for improved nutrition education on May 19, 2017.  The program also aims to battle the increasing obesity rate in Texas.  This Garden to Table at home program is a hands-on approach that shows students that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is fun and delicious! 

About Independence Gardens:  Founded in 2012, Independence Gardens is a 501c3, parent-led organization whose overall mission is to provide impactful, actionable nutrition education programs through engaging activities connecting children with food.  This will be accomplished through experiential outdoor learning, edible gardening programs and one-on-one nutritional education programs like Come and Eat It; giving every student an engaging, meaningful and transformative educational experience.  This uninhibited learning will be accomplished through working partnerships with our community and schools, aiding in implementation of curriculum that address sustainable and ecological gardening practices and provide an avenue for students to develop life skills in areas such as nutrition, leadership and decision making.  Our goal, 40 edible outdoor elementary school nutrition programs in 5 years, directly impacting the more than 30,000+ elementary students that call LISD home.


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