An Evening at Hogwarts!!



Central Standard Time



Trivium Academy
2205 E Hebron Pkwy
Carrollton, Texas 75010

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Your Presence is Requested for A Spellbinding & Scrumptious Evening at Hogwarts. The family-style banquet will be curated by local chefs benefitting Independence Gardens (IG).

IG invites you to An Evening at Hogwarts. Immerse yourself in this family-style dinner created by four chefs representing the best of their houses.

Using their most creative spells, each chef will use ingredients grown by budding wizards and witches representing schools within the Independence Gardens network. Fly your broom over and experience the magic for one night - with proceeds benefitting Independence Gardens.

House Gryffindor is represented by Chef Brielle Bustamante
House Ravenclaw is represented by Chef April Barney-Pouncy
House Hufflepuff is represented by Chef Joshua Harmon.
House Slytherin is represented by Chef Andrew Dilda

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